iluna - Herbal medicine based supplement

No more post-celebration repercussions.

Phew - Gut Cleanse | Detox

For Constipation Relief | Non habit-forming | 100% Natural | Not Laxatives

ILUNA (1 Box) | Herbal Medicine Based Hangover Prevention

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ILUNA is designed to outsmart hangovers.

ILUNA highlights:

  • Formulated with 14 natural ingredients.
  • Based on Traditional Eastern Medicine-based herbs.
  • Developed by O.M.Ds at our GMP-certified facility that obeys FDA regulations.
  • No sugar | caffeine-free | no artificial flavor | no preservatives
  • Doctor-led clinical trial

ILUNA details:

  • The box contains 10 packets.
  • Form: pebbles (to be swallowed with water)
  • Direction: swallow the pebbles with water. Take 1 packet 15-30 before drinking.
  • Do NOT dissolve in water. Do NOT chew.
  • International Shipping is available to Canada, the UK, and Australia.

Take ILUNA at your:

dinner party, birthday, night out, special event, casual dinner, social event, date night, sports event, getaway, parent's night, golf trip, camping, and so more!


Medicinal herbs for modern lifestyle that helps you reach wellness.

ILUNA Small Box (4 packets)

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Phew | All Natural Bowel Stimulator | Detox | Cleanse

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Phew for both mild & severe constipation and promoting a healthy gut.

"Phew- it was easier than I thought"
That's the reaction of relief you've been urging for.
Don't worry! Phew is gentle on your gut.

Unlike synthetic laxatives, Phew is NON-HABIT FORMING.

Based on Traditional Eastern Medicinal herbs. 

Best for: Stubborn Constipation | Healthy Gut | Detox | Cleanse | Gut Immunity

Phew highlights:

  • The box contains 10 packets.
  • Form: pebbles (to be swallowed)
  • Taste Like:  Hint of dried herbs scent. Does not really have a taste.
  • Direction: swallow the pebbles with water. Do NOT dissolve in water. Do NOT chew.
  • DO NOT CONSUME: if you are breastfeeding.
  • Developed by O.M.Ds  | Traditional Eastern medicine-based formula | GMP certified
  • vegan | caffeine-free | no artificial flavor | no preservatives | doctor-led clinical trial
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • International Shipping to the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia only.

Make yourself a priority.

Balance your wellness. Enjoy your modern lifestyle.

ALL NATURAL Healthy approach

We believe in the power of medicinal herbs that have been used and studied for thousands of years in Traditional Eastern Medicine.


Wake up and start your day with a dose of freshness and clarity.
You're about to experience something new.

Colon Cleanse + Immunity + Detox

gives you the sign of relief.

Poo like a champ.

Up your digestive health to a whole new level.

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