ILUNA Small Box (4 packets)

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ILUNA is designed to outsmart hangovers.

ILUNA highlights:

  • Formulated with 14 natural ingredients.
  • Based on Traditional Eastern Medicine-based herbs.
  • Developed by O.M.Ds at our GMP-certified facility that obeys FDA regulations.
  • No sugar | caffeine-free | no artificial flavor | no preservatives
  • Doctor-led clinical trial

ILUNA details:

  • The box contains 4 packets.
  • Form: pebbles (to be swallowed with water)
  • Direction: swallow the pebbles with water. Take 1 packet 15-30 prior to drinking.
  • Do NOT dissolve in water. Do NOT chew.
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Take ILUNA at your:

dinner party, birthday, night out, special event, casual dinner, social event, date night, sports event, getaway, parent's night, golf trip, camping, and so more!

ILUNA is a unique, all-natural supplement that helps uniquely prevent those horrible hangovers.

Unlike traditional hangover remedies that focus on electrolyte replacement, or overloading you with vitamins ILUNA uses ancient ingredients that are proven to boost your body's natural ability to process and recover from alcohol consumption.

This blend of medicinal herbs works together to support your liver, brain, kidneys, and stomach health, target and reduce inflammation before it happens, and enhance liver function for detoxification which is crucial to metabolizing alcohol.

This natural, vegan formulation creates a truly holistic approach to hangover recovery.


  • Dense Herbal pebbles


  • Take 1-2 packets of ILUNA 15-30 min before drinking for best results.
  • Swallow the pebbles WHOLE, with water.
  • Do NOT dissolve in water.
  • Do NOT chew.

Fructus Aurantii, Radix Angelica Sinensis, Magnolia Bark, Medicated Leaven, Rhizoma Rhei, Peach Seed, Hemp Seed, White Peony Root.

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What's Special about modern herbs?

Medical-grade herbs

Carefully scrutinized for its potency and quality by our licensed O.M.D.s

No extract | No Chemicals

We use 100% natural ingredients and use absolutely zero chemicals whatsoever.

Smart Supplement without BS

Based on Traditional Eastern Medicine and medical studies. Real science - backed formula.

Produced in the state of the art facility

Based on Traditional Eastern Medicine, Not Myth.

With our team of doctors (O.M.Ds), we came up with the best dosage that is most effective for all our customers.

GMP-Certified Facility

Our Standard Operating Procedures are environmental friendly, and deliver the best and the safest quality supplements.

Arduous Process

From sourcing the best quality herbs to washing, grinding, mixing, boiling, soaking, drying, and packaging, the whole process of producing ILUNA takes about 4-5 weeks.

Environmental Friendly Packaging

Our mission is to help people maintain wellness, and we are environmentally conscious.

Please recycle our packets.