How to Cure A Hangover In A Natural Way

How to Cure A Hangover In A Natural Way

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Key Points

  • There are many herbs out there that have medicinal properties. 
  • Take a look at these 7 herbs which are commonly used in Traditional Eastern Medicine (A.K.A alternative medicine in the U.S)


7 herbs that cure hangover iluna


These Herbs Will Help You Cure Hangovers.

  1. Kudzu RootKudzu is a vine, technically speaking. Kudzu root has been commonly used in Traditional Eastern Medicine for treating and reducing symptoms of alcohol hangover including headache, vomiting, upset stomach, and more. 
  2. Evodia FruitWhen alcohol is introduced to our body, it gets accumulated in our body system. Our liver will do its best to detoxify, but if it doesn’t get rid of it in time, alcohol will start the inflammation process in our body. Evodia Fruit is native to Korea and China, and has been used for centuries to treat inflammation. 
  3. Goji BerryGoji berries are known for their Gomisin A component which calms and protects the brain from stress. Goji berries contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber, Iron, Zinc, Antioxidants, and all 8 essential amino acids. In Traditional Eastern Medicine, Goji berries are used for treating liver and kidney issues. Since alcohol affects both the kidneys and the liver, Goji berries are good for hangover remedy. 
  4. Five-Flavor BerryAs the name suggests, Five-Flavor berries are known for having 5 different flavors - sweet, salty, sour, pungent, and bitter. Whether or not the berry actually has 5 flavors is still debatable. Five-Flavor berries have another name: Schisandra. They are commonly used for treating liver diseases and protecting the liver from poison. 
  5. Ginger -Ginger is very well-known around the world, and its medicinal component is also acknowledged by both conventional medicine and Traditional Eastern Medicine. Ginger eases the stomach and reduces hangover symptoms like nausea and vomiting. Also it reduces diarrhea which is a common hangover after drinking heavily the night before.
  6. Turmeric tuber - Turmeric tuber is also a root, but it contains a component called Curumin which strengthens the central nervous system. As we get drunk, our brain cannot send the clear messages to our bodies, therefore aiding the brain to send clear signals is the key to cure hangovers effectively.
  7. Artemisia Capillaris - A. Capillaris is not a well known herb in North America, but it is recognized as an herb with therapeutic efficacy in liver disease and widely used as an alternative therapy in Asia. Many medical studies support its therapeutic potential in various liver diseases. A. Capillaris also contain Scoparone which helps regulate proper blood circulation. 

Some of the herbs listed here might be familiar to you, but a lot of them might not! It is because many of the aforementioned herbs are used in Asia where Traditional Eastern Medicine is also the mainstream medicine along with conventional medicine. As the opioid crisis continues and the problems of prescribed drugs arise, our team at Modern Herbs emphasizes the importance of natural ingredients. We believe in the power of natural medicinal plants, and when these are formulated correctly, the supplement we build can help you maintain your wellness. 
You might ask, how does this cure hangover? Each listed herb has its own unique components, and the key is to formulate them in a way that they work synergistically. That is why Iluna is so different from other hangover cure products because we don’t rely on a couple of ingredients. Our formulation is based on our 75+ years of expertise and patient database. We will take a look at other medicinal herbs that cure hangover sometime soon! Stay tuned and always welcome to comment below. 

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