What Causes You To Throw Up When You Drink? How Can I Prevent?

What Causes You To Throw Up When You Drink? How Can I Prevent?

What Causes You To Throw Up When You Drink? How Can I Prevent?

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  • Q: Are you the person who always throws up after you drink? 
  • Throwing up is a hangover. What's the cause?
  • The best way to deal with vomiting. 
  • The best way to prevent vomiting.

Are you one of those who throws up when you drink? 

You and your friends are sharing an Uber ride after a long night of drinking. Your friend suddenly says she is not feeling well and that she wants to throw up. I’m sure that the Uber driver is probably freaking out that the passenger might throw up in his car. (There is a clean up charge, by the way, if you do throw up in the car.) Thankfully, the Uber driver pulls up the car just right in time, your friend immediately bolts out of the car and starts throwing up. It is not uncommon to hear the sound of people throwing up when you are in a bathroom of a nightclub or a bar. People tend to forget their alcohol limit and drink without thinking especially if they just want to have fun. So are you one of those people who always end up feeling not good? Well keep reading! You will find a solution. 

What causes throwing up - a nasty hangover.

  1. Alcohol irritates your stomach. Essentially when you drink, alcohol irritates the stomach lining and produces more acid  in addition to the acetaldehyde build up. This can make you feel more nauseated.
  2. The initial state is nausea. According to Colorado State University, It has to do with a decrease in our gastric motility or the contractions of smooth muscles in the stomach Also the tone of the muscle wall in the small intestine may increase which could also be the trigger for nausea. 
  3. If you throw up, you are probably feeling awful. You might even suffer from a headache. Your body is giving you the signal to stop. Alcohol can be absorbed into your bloodstream quite quickly, but it takes time to get it out of your system. To simply put, you are only drinking more than your body can process. This will put a tremendous amount of stress to the body, and the body will show you the rejection sign by making you throw up. If not, then alcohol poisoning could happen and this can be really dangerous.

The best way to deal after vomiting.

Remember that you are putting immense pressure on esophagus. When you throw up, it can damage the esophagus and potentially lead to bleeding, causing other problems. The stomach acid could also damage the wall of esophagus that can potentially lead to acid reflux, esophagitis, teeth damage, and more. In some cases, it can risk aspiration that can lead to pneumonia. 

  1. The best way to deal with vomiting is to stay sitting up. So you minimize the risk of choking while being sick. 
  2. Drinking plenty of fluids - attempt only small amounts and avoid carbonated drinks. 
  3. Eat bland foods that are easy for your stomach. Avoid foods that can irritate your stomach. 

So how can I prevent myself from vomiting? Solution is here!

When you throw up, the damage is already done to your body. And it requires time to recover. As modern day people, we understand that you don’t have enough time! Both Traditional Eastern Medicine and conventional medicine consider alcohol a toxic substance. Therefore, your body needs to be prepared before you let hangover symptoms kick in. Now take a look at Iluna that is made with powerful medicinal herbs that can really help you prevent hangovers. 

You deserve to fully enjoy your night out with friends with no worries. 

Let us know in the comment section below! 

What was your experience when you drank too much? Did you throw up? 

If so, share this post with your friends, so you and your friends can check out our free sample packets to see if we can help you enjoy more and worry less! And next time, no throwing up!

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